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Memphis Blue Crush View Image

Memphis Blue Crush 77 months ago

Squad called into Memphis, TN to help control crime and drug trafficing. F...

Polish Your Helmet Play Video

Polish Your Helmet 77 months ago

Watch as one guy gets busted for polishing his helmet. Starring David Ivkov...

belly shake Play Video

belly shake 77 months ago

belly shake and belly worm

The Reinfather Play Video

The Reinfather 77 months ago

Sequel to Raging Rudolph in classic Godfather style

boxing Play Video

boxing 77 months ago


The not so good railing Play Video

The not so good railing 77 months ago

One of my buddies, buds attempts to jump over a railing. Well he tried.

Face through wall Play Video

Face through wall 77 months ago

Watch as this moron runs his face through a wall!

Dynamic Stretching/Warm Up Play Video

Dynamic Stretching/Warm Up 77 months ago

Dynamic Warm up for Dance, aerobics, martial arts, cheerleading, etc

Best Reaction to 2 girls Play Video

Best Reaction to 2 girls 77 months ago

The girls didnt like the video but our buddy josh just couldnt contain hims...

LS1 Camaro Z28 burnout SS Play Video

LS1 Camaro Z28 burnout SS 77 months ago

The new tires came in so there is only one thing to do, a sweet burnout.

Gt faceplant Play Video

Gt faceplant 77 months ago

I found this vid online... thought it was funny... kid faceplants off roof

Huge Corocdile View Image

Huge Corocdile 77 months ago

A bg fat crocodile next to our boat in darwin

bad bike crash on neck Play Video

bad bike crash on neck 77 months ago

not sure who this is but i cringe every time i watch this...

Black girl bus fight Play Video

Black girl bus fight 77 months ago

Three black girls on my bus spar it out, the video isn't very good but the ...

Feed Cat Play Video

Feed Cat 77 months ago

feed your cat!

carrying my mom Play Video

carrying my mom 77 months ago

carrying my mom aand throwing her on the bed

Salto Ossetia Play Video

Salto Ossetia 77 months ago

Ossetin tries to do wall salto but fails