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Very Funny Dog Play Video

Very Funny Dog 77 months ago

This dog is an excape artist!

Hurt Play Video

Hurt 77 months ago

Haha just random shit

Hit By Car Play Video

Hit By Car 77 months ago

This kid gets hit by a car and walks away from it. Talk about a joke gone ...

Kanye West - Good Life Play Video

Kanye West - Good Life 77 months ago

Music video by Kanye West featuring T-Pain - Good Life. Kanye West's third ...

Naive Cinnamon eater Play Video

Naive Cinnamon eater 77 months ago

My friend wasnt up to date on the latest pranks. He thought hed shut me dow...

Rude Awakening Play Video

Rude Awakening 77 months ago get up hahahahaha see more at

Hindi Songs - Hindi MP3 Play Video

Hindi Songs - Hindi MP3 77 months ago

One of my favorite hindi songs. You can find more at

Accent Elimination Program Play Video

Accent Elimination Program 77 months ago

World famous Frank Labatte's Accent Elimination program can now be yours! ...

Snowboarding Crash Play Video

Snowboarding Crash 77 months ago

Stupid girl falling on her ass after a huge jump in a terrain park