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Russian Explosion Fun Play Video

Russian Explosion Fun 7 days ago

A guy sets off explosions in a bottle and survives all of them

Tank Accident Play Video

Tank Accident 7 days ago

A tank drives by another tank and scratches the side of each other

Mercedes Odd Accident Play Video

Mercedes Odd Accident 7 days ago

A Mercedes backs up into the car behind them. Everyone gets out and only ch...

Bike Fall In Puddle Play Video

Bike Fall In Puddle 7 days ago

A guy slips and crash when he goes through a puddle of water

Funny Race And Fail Play Video

Funny Race And Fail 7 days ago

A kid riding in a cart gets the camera and topples over and crash at the en...

Idiot Jumps A GSX S1000 Play Video

Idiot Jumps A GSX S1000 7 days ago

A motorcycle rider tries to do a random jump by a building and crashes on t...

DVP Accident Play Video

DVP Accident 7 days ago

A truck pushing a car along the freeway

Vangrail Skate Play Video

Vangrail Skate 7 days ago

A car doesn't brake quickly enough and slams against a guardrail

Motorcycle Vs Car Play Video

Motorcycle Vs Car 7 days ago

A motorcycle is about to make a left when a car oncoming hits the front whe...

Homemade Crane Game Costume Play Video

Homemade Crane Game Costume 7 days ago

A girls dad creates an awesome homemade crane game machine costume for Hall...

Sebastian Maniac Play Video

Sebastian Maniac 7 days ago

A little boy dances wildly and acting like a little maniac