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Maggie Sneezing Play Video

Maggie Sneezing 2 months ago

A tiny dog has the most bizarre sneeze!

HILARIOUS!! Cat door dog! Play Video

HILARIOUS!! Cat door dog! 2 months ago

A large dog attempts to squeeze through the tiniest kitty door - and succee...

How NOT to catch a snake Play Video

How NOT to catch a snake 2 months ago

Dad tries to catch a snake - but the excitement (and wet grass) gets the be...

The Almost Crash Play Video

The Almost Crash 2 months ago

A guy honks to prevent two cars from crashing into each other

Sk8er Boi Brenden Play Video

Sk8er Boi Brenden 2 months ago

A kid skating and tries to jump the stairs but fails and falls on the groun...

Shower Time Play Video

Shower Time 2 months ago

A shiba inu chilling in the shower

Modern Designs Play Video

Modern Designs 2 months ago

A guy is shocked by the fonts for the ""Modern Design

Maddie Grew Up Play Video

Maddie Grew Up 2 months ago

A puppy is finally able to go down the stairs