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Runaway Saw Blade Play Video

Runaway Saw Blade 62 months ago

This laborer forgest to lock his 20 inch diamond tipped saw blade as he sta...

Traffic Dodge Fail Play Video

Traffic Dodge Fail 62 months ago

This dude was doing a good job dodging cars in the middle of a busy street ...

90 Foot Rubber Band Nutshot Play Video

90 Foot Rubber Band Nutshot 62 months ago

He did actually impress the girls in his dorm with this idiotic stunt. Of c...

Jokes On Him Play Video

Jokes On Him 62 months ago

from truTVs The Smoking Gun Presents - Thursdays at 10PMA DUI arrestee trie...

Vehicle Abduction Play Video

Vehicle Abduction 62 months ago

from truTVs Most Daring - Wednesdays at 9PMA brazen criminal escapes his cu...