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Crash I-95 Play Video

Crash I-95 25 days ago

A car driving down the freeway and a car on the right side brakes really ha...

Biking Fun! Play Video

Biking Fun! 25 days ago

A guy riding down a hill and falls over on his bike

Dog Vs. Whoopie Cushion Play Video

Dog Vs. Whoopie Cushion 25 days ago

A guy presses down a whoopie cushion and the dog is confused by the sound i...

ATV On I-10 Play Video

ATV On I-10 25 days ago

A car follows a guy on an ATV on the freeway. The guy tries to spin out on ...

Accident Route 73 Play Video

Accident Route 73 25 days ago

A car doesn't slow down when the light is turning yellow and slams into the...

Accident Williamstown Rd Play Video

Accident Williamstown Rd 25 days ago

A car is making a left on an intersection on a green and gets t bone by a c...

Sideswipe Collision Play Video

Sideswipe Collision 25 days ago

An SUV doesn't look and changes lane into a car besides it. This causes bot...