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How NOT To Cross The Road Play Video

How NOT To Cross The Road 26 months ago

We can imagine the group doing their best trying not to laugh at him.

Oh! It's A Video Play Video

Oh! It's A Video 26 months ago

Incredible how accurate this is for so many other selfies on Facebook.

Hay Bail Explosions Play Video

Hay Bail Explosions 26 months ago

Farmers have awesome ways to celebrate birthdays.

14 Bad Ass Birthday Cards View Gallery

14 Bad Ass Birthday Cards 26 months ago

There's an art to choosing a birthday card for someone. Choose one of thes...

Toilet Brush Revolver Play Video

Toilet Brush Revolver 27 months ago

Sounded pretty lame until it blew up that watermelon.

It's A Thug Life Play Video

It's A Thug Life 27 months ago

They didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose them.

Firefighter Saves Kitten Play Video

Firefighter Saves Kitten 27 months ago

A Firefighter saves a kitten from a burning home and gives it CPR until it ...

Am I Your Son? Play Video

Am I Your Son? 27 months ago

It's a small world, just not this time.

Poorly Planned Road Rage Play Video

Poorly Planned Road Rage 27 months ago

Maybe wait for the guy to park and get out of the car next time.