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Magnet Vs Copper Pipe Play Video

Magnet Vs Copper Pipe 8 months ago

A guy shows what happens when a magnet is placed with a copper pipe

Freeing A Hummingbird Play Video

Freeing A Hummingbird 8 months ago

A guy helps a hummingbird out of the house and flies away

RIP Kid Play Video

RIP Kid 8 months ago

A kid unknowingly walked into a sign

Hugo's First Bath Play Video

Hugo's First Bath 8 months ago

A dog is not pleased after having his first bath and is very vocal about it

Bats Can Swim! Play Video

Bats Can Swim! 8 months ago

A bat swimming quickly across a pool

Tall People Problems Play Video

Tall People Problems 9 months ago

Watch out for birds and bugs in your grill.

Squirrel Hiccups Play Video

Squirrel Hiccups 8 months ago

A squirrel lays on a branch and has hiccups