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Making Those Perfect Shots Play Video

Making Those Perfect Shots 1 day ago

Sure, it probably takes 100 tries or so to get this right but the end produ...

How Bad Is Flint, Michigan? Play Video

How Bad Is Flint, Michigan? 1 day ago

Did you hear that list of health problems? And the city still has the ball...

RC Car Hits Cameraman Play Video

RC Car Hits Cameraman 2 hours ago

A RC car goes around a parking lot quickly and runs over the cameraman's fo...

Sledding Fail Play Video

Sledding Fail 2 hours ago

A guy sledding down a hill and faceplants at the very end

Roller Skater Fail Twice Play Video

Roller Skater Fail Twice 2 hours ago

A roller skater tries to do a flip on a ramp but fails. He tries to do it a...