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Knockout Compilation Play Video

Knockout Compilation 39 months ago

Just over two minutes of our favorite hard hitting knockout punches.

11 Very Unfortunate Names View Gallery

11 Very Unfortunate Names 39 months ago

Not everyone is blessed with the name Max Fightmaster. Some people get stu...

Drive-By Compliments Play Video

Drive-By Compliments 39 months ago

Funny how some people are still douchebags even when you pay them a nice co...

10 Totally Bizarre Tongues View Gallery

10 Totally Bizarre Tongues 39 months ago

Chances are you have a tongue and it's more or less normal. Maybe you can ...

Mini Cannon vs Beer Bottle Play Video

Mini Cannon vs Beer Bottle 39 months ago

Impressive miniature cannon destroys a beer bottle with one extremely power...

WTF Is Going On Here? View Gallery

WTF Is Going On Here? 39 months ago

Girls doing weird things, animals in odd situations, and people in rivers o...

Smooth Kid Gets His Kiss Play Video

Smooth Kid Gets His Kiss 39 months ago

How old is this kid? He's already making smooth moves, the very moves that ...

10 Dismal Parenting Fails View Gallery

10 Dismal Parenting Fails 39 months ago

Not every parent is perfect, but there's a difference between letting your ...

Sense Of Flying Play Video

Sense Of Flying 39 months ago

Awesome clip capturing what it feels like to walk up to the edge of a cliff...

Human Car Sounds Play Video

Human Car Sounds 39 months ago

This kid does an amazing impression of car engines. Not sure if it was as ...