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Every person is different. While most people may go with the flow and follow certain standards for living, others ignore these rules. These moments when people go against the flow become great Break People and Lifestyle videos. Whether its an insane bus patron or a police officer chasing down a criminal, these videos cover the entire spectrum of daily life. It's a daily life refined and edited down to the most exciting 30 seconds of the year.

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Skater Fence Faceplant Play Video

Skater Fence Faceplant 73 months ago

When skating down a stair rail you always want to make sure there's plenty ...

Skating Off The Roof Goes Bad Play Video

Skating Off The Roof Goes Bad 73 months ago

I think its safe to say that this skateboarding stunt does not go as well a...

Stop Motion Human Skateboard Play Video

Stop Motion Human Skateboard 73 months ago

This Human Skateboard clip is one of the coolest stop motion videos Ive eve...

Awesome Skate Tricks Play Video

Awesome Skate Tricks 73 months ago

This skater does some cool stuff, tricks most skaters dont even think to tr...

Amazing Skateboard Stunt Play Video

Amazing Skateboard Stunt 73 months ago

This has to be one of the more ballsy skateboard stunts I've ever seen. I w...

Huge Tubing Wipeout Play Video

Huge Tubing Wipeout 73 months ago

Two kids get catapulted into the water after a huge wipeout.

Dude Slams Into Girl On Slide Play Video

Dude Slams Into Girl On Slide 73 months ago

This dude smashes into a girl one-third his size when flying downhill on a ...

Chopsticks Showoff Owned Play Video

Chopsticks Showoff Owned 73 months ago

Like the scene in the Tom Hanks movie Big this kid is playing Chopsticks on...

Motorbike Stunts Play Video

Motorbike Stunts 73 months ago

I say, these are indeed some poorly executed motorbike stunts. This execut...

Huge Pool Jump Play Video

Huge Pool Jump 73 months ago

Some kid jumps from the top floor balcony into a pool that is only 3 feet d...

Break Gallery CCVIII View Gallery

Break Gallery CCVIII 73 months ago

Break Gallery #208!!! Happy Hangover Day everyone... Here's a little cure f...

How Not To Fake A Heart Attack Play Video

How Not To Fake A Heart Attack 73 months ago

If your going to pick some kinda of sudden sickness to fake your way out of...