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My 3 Talents Play Video

My 3 Talents 13 days ago

A guy shows his 3 random talents.

M'Gaaaaaahhhh! Play Video

M'Gaaaaaahhhh! 13 days ago

A father drinks milk and goes gah then gives it to his son and he does the ...

Lady Trashes Store Play Video

Lady Trashes Store 13 days ago

A lady sits on top of the counter ranting and going crazy then decides to t...

Ice Cream Magic Trick Play Video

Ice Cream Magic Trick 13 days ago

A server does some cool tricks with ice cream before giving it to the custo...

Elmo Is A Diablo Play Video

Elmo Is A Diablo 13 days ago

A guy dressed up as Elmo has a Diablo jacket while riding his motorcycle

Drunk Man Fakes A Stroke Play Video

Drunk Man Fakes A Stroke 13 days ago

A drunk guy pretends to have a stroke in the waiting room to attract attent...

Unicycle Highjump Fail Play Video

Unicycle Highjump Fail 24 days ago

Guy tries to grind a railing on a unicycle and falls instead. He injures hi...

Rail Bail Play Video

Rail Bail 24 days ago

Guy tries to grind a rail on a unicycle and fails. The fall is then repeate...