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Wearable Cat Ears Play Video

Wearable Cat Ears 46 months ago

Wearable Cat Ears on Newsfeed - Wearable cat ears are usually reserved for ...

Bin Laden Viagra Play Video

Bin Laden Viagra 46 months ago

Bin Laden Viagra on newsfeed - Avena syrup, a botanical product often used ...

BMX Rider Lands On Head Play Video

BMX Rider Lands On Head 46 months ago

This guy pulls off some pretty nice air on his jump but only manages to rot...

Religious Doomsday Theories Play Video

Religious Doomsday Theories 46 months ago

Hey what are you up to on May 21st? Because Christian Fundamentalist and ra...

Herman Cain Campaign Play Video

Herman Cain Campaign 46 months ago

The GOP had their first debate on May 2nd and Herman Cain; an Atlanta talk ...

Airbag Explosion Backflip Play Video

Airbag Explosion Backflip 46 months ago

Before being backflipped by this airbag, this dude yells, "I love you, Jesu...

Windsurfing Belly Flop Play Video

Windsurfing Belly Flop 46 months ago

This guy gets big air windsurfing, pulls off two front flips, then belly fl...

Day of the Dead Facts Play Video

Day of the Dead Facts 46 months ago

Day of the Dead or Dias de los Muertos is a 4 day holiday celebrated in ear...

Best Puke Save Ever FAIL Play Video

Best Puke Save Ever FAIL 46 months ago

LIKE/FAV/SHARE this video This has to be the best puke save ever. The eate...

How Not To Steal Beer Play Video

How Not To Steal Beer 46 months ago

Maybe this guy should of stole a belt for his pants first.

Dumpster Jump Disaster Play Video

Dumpster Jump Disaster 46 months ago

His parents would probably have preferred that the kid be left in the dumps...

Bar Rafaelis Boyfriend Play Video

Bar Rafaelis Boyfriend 46 months ago

This is a transcript of Bar Rafaelis Boyfriend on Newsfeed...Take a seat la...

Snowmobile Mountain Slide Play Video

Snowmobile Mountain Slide 46 months ago

A snowmobile rider gets within just a couple feet of the top of a mountain ...

National Day of Prayer Play Video

National Day of Prayer 46 months ago

Just when you thought that Cinco de Mayo couldn’t become a bigger party, go...

Cinco de Mayo History Play Video

Cinco de Mayo History 46 months ago

Today is the 5th of May, Cinco de Mayo. Now we all know it’s a day to party...