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Cute baby reaction Play Video

Cute baby reaction 14 months ago

A parent records their baby making cute surprised expressions.

Dog fail Play Video

Dog fail 14 months ago

A dog slips and falls off a chair while standing on it to help look out a w...

Tricking faceplant Play Video

Tricking faceplant 14 months ago

A guy slips upon landing from a flip and slams his face on the ground.

Hamster need for eat Play Video

Hamster need for eat 14 months ago

A person records their hamster hitting the cage with its food bowl.

Winter fun fail Play Video

Winter fun fail 14 months ago

Some guys crash hard after their snow tube hits a bump while sliding down a...

Cat fall asleep funny Play Video

Cat fall asleep funny 14 months ago

A person films their cat falling asleep on a footstool.

Very hard fail from gym bar Play Video

Very hard fail from gym bar 14 months ago

A guy crashes hard on a safety pad after he tries to backflip from a horizo...

Girl Fail Play Video

Girl Fail 14 months ago

A little girl crashes on the ground after she fails to jump from her swing ...

How A Canadian Road Rages Play Video

How A Canadian Road Rages 18 months ago

I’ll punch you, then take my punishment for breaking the law!

22 Complete Job Fails Read Article

22 Complete Job Fails 18 months ago

Some people are bad at their job & then there are these next level fails.

Meanwhile in Sweden... Play Video

Meanwhile in Sweden... 14 months ago

Gandalf from the popular Tolkien series takes a sled down a friendly winter...