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Every person is different. While most people may go with the flow and follow certain standards for living, others ignore these rules. These moments when people go against the flow become great Break People and Lifestyle videos. Whether its an insane bus patron or a police officer chasing down a criminal, these videos cover the entire spectrum of daily life. It's a daily life refined and edited down to the most exciting 30 seconds of the year.

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Dude Bounces Face Off Tarp Play Video

Dude Bounces Face Off Tarp 67 months ago

If you think this guy wipes out hard you should see what happens when a ban...

How Not To Mug Someone Play Video

How Not To Mug Someone 67 months ago

This dude attempts to mug a student and not only ends up getting owned but ...

Sexy Bar Rafaeli Play Video

Sexy Bar Rafaeli 67 months ago

Leo DiCaprio is one lucky guy to be dating this bombshell...

Jesus Walks on Water! Play Video

Jesus Walks on Water! 67 months ago

This kid gets a little help from the messiah when trying to fetch his ball ...

Fight At The Carnival Play Video

Fight At The Carnival 67 months ago

Naturally, cotton candy on a hazy Sunday afternoon leads to a gang war.

Two Guys Fight On A Highway Play Video

Two Guys Fight On A Highway 67 months ago

Two dudes on the highway who definitely aren't wearing seatbelts. I wish I ...

Blood Flows Hot in Italy Play Video

Blood Flows Hot in Italy 67 months ago

Two Italian women on reality TV screech and pull hair while applying make-u...

No Fight, No Cry Mon Play Video

No Fight, No Cry Mon 67 months ago

A DJ in Jamaica gets a fist in his face from a rival.

Ultimate Folding Chair Play Video

Ultimate Folding Chair 67 months ago

This dude invented the ultimate folding chair. It can collapse into less t...

How to Fail at Beer Theft Play Video

How to Fail at Beer Theft 67 months ago

Two criminal masterminds break into a store with a shovel to grab some beer...

Vanishing Door Prank Play Video

Vanishing Door Prank 67 months ago

These workers run into a little surprise when leaving their co-workers offi...

Would You Date Rachel? Play Video

Would You Date Rachel? 67 months ago presents U of Michigan coed Rachel's views on guys and dating.

Nasty, Dirty Dorm Room Play Video

Nasty, Dirty Dorm Room 67 months ago

We took a trip to my friends dorm room and found it in shambles!

Roommate Trash Rant Play Video

Roommate Trash Rant 67 months ago

The trash in this room never seems to go away...

A Story of a Shamble Play Video

A Story of a Shamble 67 months ago

Funny Music Video featuring the Story of a Shamble.

Asian Teen is Very Awkward Play Video

Asian Teen is Very Awkward 67 months ago

No matter how embarrassed you feel when you sing karaoke, you're not as bad...

Mean Bunny Play Video

Mean Bunny 67 months ago

A girl thinks she's acting in a promo for easter...boy was she wrong!

Roommate Wars - His Reaction Play Video

Roommate Wars - His Reaction 67 months ago

Ok so after flying across country for 8 hours and going straight to work fo...