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Battle Of The Ages Play Video

Battle Of The Ages 39 months ago

At a regional MMA event, a 53-year-old spectator named Tim was asked if he’...

You're Embarrassing Yourself View Gallery

You're Embarrassing Yourself 39 months ago

These people might think they're having fun, but in reality, they're just m...

Knockout Compilation Play Video

Knockout Compilation 39 months ago

Just over two minutes of our favorite hard hitting knockout punches.

11 Very Unfortunate Names View Gallery

11 Very Unfortunate Names 39 months ago

Not everyone is blessed with the name Max Fightmaster. Some people get stu...

Drive-By Compliments Play Video

Drive-By Compliments 39 months ago

Funny how some people are still douchebags even when you pay them a nice co...

10 Totally Bizarre Tongues View Gallery

10 Totally Bizarre Tongues 39 months ago

Chances are you have a tongue and it's more or less normal. Maybe you can ...