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Russian Road Rage Play Video

Russian Road Rage 44 months ago

I love how the dude in the car gets all angry, tries to start a fight, then...

Watchuwant? Play Video

Watchuwant? 44 months ago

Please allow me to preempt your question with another question: WATCHUWANT?...

No Front Wheel? No Problem. Play Video

No Front Wheel? No Problem. 44 months ago

If you think this dude is pretty amazing, remember there's a guy somewhere ...

10 Other Photos Obama Ruined View Gallery

10 Other Photos Obama Ruined 44 months ago

After President Obama ruined a United Nations photo, more photos started le...

Vine Swing Fail Play Video

Vine Swing Fail 44 months ago

The first two guys get some massive air swinging on a vine, the third guy.....

Mom Vs Amusement Park Ride Play Video

Mom Vs Amusement Park Ride 44 months ago

Mom was trying so hard to hang in there, but it sounded like Dad was rootin...

Scooter Ramp Jump Win/Fail Play Video

Scooter Ramp Jump Win/Fail 44 months ago

A wall brings a triumphant moment to an abrupt end because nature won't all...

Most Awesome College Fails Play Video

Most Awesome College Fails 44 months ago

Summertime has officially come to an end, which means College is back in se...

WIPEOUT: Run Forrest, Run! Play Video

WIPEOUT: Run Forrest, Run! 44 months ago

This contestant breezes through the obstacle course and sets a new wipeout ...

Devilfist Fail Play Video

Devilfist Fail 44 months ago

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Proposal Fail Play Video

Proposal Fail 44 months ago

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The Housing Crash Play Video

The Housing Crash 44 months ago

New housing starts were up but swiftly collapsed and came crashing back to ...

What's in the barrel? Play Video

What's in the barrel? 44 months ago

Gun stuck? Well, you better look inside and see what's going on. On second ...

10 Fire Fails View Gallery

10 Fire Fails 44 months ago

The Nigerian fire department has its issues, but so do many other departmen...

Crazy Russian Acrobats Play Video

Crazy Russian Acrobats 44 months ago

Russians are natural daredevils. But, these two could use some help with co...