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Slowmo Jacarunda Play Video

Slowmo Jacarunda 14 months ago

Slow Motion cat attacking camera.

??????? Play Video

??????? 14 months ago

A slippery country road in the winter is a treacherous place to drive - and...

When turkeys attack Play Video

When turkeys attack 14 months ago

A rafter of turkeys huddle outside this poor family's house.

7-11 Just Went Mad Max Insane Play Video

7-11 Just Went Mad Max Insane 20 months ago

Seriously, feel bad for the boyfriend. Dude tried to keep that whole scene...

Backflip Stomp Play Video

Backflip Stomp 14 months ago

A street gymnast stomps on his buddy after performing a backflip.

Tree Swing Slam Play Video

Tree Swing Slam 14 months ago

A swing attempt goes sour in the woods as the rope snaps and this guy eats ...

Fell on his chest Rod Play Video

Fell on his chest Rod 14 months ago

A weightlifter drops a serious amount of weight directly on his chest.

Cake Drop Play Video

Cake Drop 14 months ago

A waiter slips on a puddle and ruins a wedding moment as he drops the cake.