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Nice Tan View Image

Nice Tan 4 months ago

That is pretty awesome.

Deuce View Image

Deuce 4 months ago

She's playing doubles.

Save The Earth View Image

Save The Earth 4 months ago

That as good a reason as any.

Errorist View Image

Errorist 4 months ago

Don't let them win.

Hold On View Image

Hold On 4 months ago

This would be cute, except it was written by a 22-year old.

Beware View Image

Beware 4 months ago

Good advice.

Glasses View Image

Glasses 4 months ago

She looks smart.

Angry Cat View Image

Angry Cat 4 months ago

He'd kick Grumpy Cat's ass.

Nostalgia View Image

Nostalgia 4 months ago


Cute... View Image

Cute... 4 months ago

... until he eats that baby.

Surfs Up View Image

Surfs Up 4 months ago

Among other things.

Band Practice View Image

Band Practice 4 months ago

Let's stay inside to hide our shame.

My Pet Torso View Image

My Pet Torso 4 months ago

Just out for a drive.

Nice Spot For A Nap View Image

Nice Spot For A Nap 4 months ago

Soon, he'll get to sleep in the back of that car.

Wow View Image

Wow 4 months ago

That is all.

Llana Del Ray View Image

Llana Del Ray 4 months ago

That's not her real name.

Snow Dogs View Image

Snow Dogs 4 months ago

Call Cuba Gooding Jr.

Turkey Breast View Image

Turkey Breast 4 months ago

You don't want to see the giblets.

Oral Sex View Image

Oral Sex 4 months ago

Don't forget to floss.