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Leap Frog Fail Play Video

Leap Frog Fail 38 months ago

If you think its safe to back away from a leap frog huddle early, you're nu...

Wait, What? View Gallery

Wait, What? 38 months ago

Some pictures you need to look at a second time, just to make sure you saw ...

12 Inappropriate Knit Items View Gallery

12 Inappropriate Knit Items 38 months ago

Knitting is generally considered an old lady hobby. But some old ladies us...

Bacon Ball Play Video

Bacon Ball 38 months ago

You’re unbeatable when you’re powered by bacon.

For The Love Of Bacon Play Video

For The Love Of Bacon 38 months ago

Forget diamonds. Nothing makes girls sizzle like bacon.

First World Problems Play Video

First World Problems 38 months ago

Every single one of these things are horrible and frustrating and terrible....

Meanwhile, in Russia... View Gallery

Meanwhile, in Russia... 38 months ago

Don't have much of an explanation for what goes on in Russia, but it seems ...

11 Dangers of Canadian Life View Gallery

11 Dangers of Canadian Life 38 months ago

Canada isn't all please and thank you and maple beavers. There's a dark un...

Extreme Canadian Road Rage! Play Video

Extreme Canadian Road Rage! 38 months ago

A truck pulls in front of a speeding biker on accident and that's when the ...

Belly Flop Fail Compilation Play Video

Belly Flop Fail Compilation 38 months ago

Awesome compilation of some of the hardest hitting belly flops that we have...

Guys Are Stupid Sometimes View Gallery

Guys Are Stupid Sometimes 38 months ago

Maybe it's because they just want to have fun. Maybe it's because they thin...

Failed Jump Off Dock Play Video

Failed Jump Off Dock 38 months ago

The dude in the background could not have reacted any less to this wipeout.

People Are Awesome III Play Video

People Are Awesome III 38 months ago

Another amazing compilation of the most insane stunts pulled off in the las...