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Kitten vs. Trashcan Play Video

Kitten vs. Trashcan 16 months ago

A young kitten discovers the motion activated trashcan lid and gets trapped...

Jousting [Ak State Fair] Play Video

Jousting [Ak State Fair] 16 months ago

A jousting match in the Arkansas state fair. With amazing announcers.

Funny fail/BMX Faceplant Play Video

Funny fail/BMX Faceplant 16 months ago

A BMX rider miscalculates a jump and falls face forward on the ground.

Failed bike railing jump Play Video

Failed bike railing jump 16 months ago

A man tries to do a running leap over 2 bike railings, he does not make it ...

Cat vs Grasshopper Play Video

Cat vs Grasshopper 16 months ago

A cat attempts to catch a grasshopper and falls off of furniture in the pro...

Cat jump hesitation fail Play Video

Cat jump hesitation fail 16 months ago

A cat attempts to jump off of a heater, but hesitates and falls.

Bad day/Quadbike Faceplant Play Video

Bad day/Quadbike Faceplant 16 months ago

While doing donuts on a quadbike, a man turns too hard and falls into mud.