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Restricted Trailer 1 Play Video

Restricted Trailer 1 70 months ago

Used-car liquidator Don Ready is hired by a flailing auto dealership to tur...

Kid Destroys Windshield Play Video

Kid Destroys Windshield 70 months ago

Doesn't seem like anything will keep this guy from giving up on performing ...

The World's Fastest Play Video

The World's Fastest 70 months ago

Cool compilation of some of the internet's fastest video records.

Failed Handstand Faceplant Play Video

Failed Handstand Faceplant 70 months ago

After a few beers this guy thinks he can still do a handstand but ends up l...

8,800 Penny Prank Play Video

8,800 Penny Prank 70 months ago

Whoever thought paying your car back at an impound lot with pennies could g...

PC Hook-up: Lifecasting Rant Play Video

PC Hook-up: Lifecasting Rant 70 months ago

Christian Lander gives his take on broadcasting every moment of your life o...

PC Hook-up: Pug Alert Play Video

PC Hook-up: Pug Alert 70 months ago

Christian Lander and Justin Kan have the show stolen by a cute pug named Bu...

Chicken Situation Play Video

Chicken Situation 70 months ago

Ordering a chicken sandwich is easier said than done.

Parents Voicemail Play Video

Parents Voicemail 70 months ago

Adam Ferrara talks about his parents and the joys of growing older in marri...

Lopez Tonight! Play Video

Lopez Tonight! 70 months ago

George Lopez Is Taking The Late Night World Starting November 2009!

Incredible Balance Play Video

Incredible Balance 70 months ago

I would think it would be a lot easier to just ride one handed but regardle...

Tweet Box - Episode 6 Play Video

Tweet Box - Episode 6 70 months ago

This edition of Tweet Boxx, and Courtney Love's nonsensical ramblings, are ...

Jogger Gets Soaked Play Video

Jogger Gets Soaked 70 months ago

Come on man, these girls are just trying to help you cool off a little...

Retro #65 - School Bus Rodeo Play Video

Retro #65 - School Bus Rodeo 70 months ago

A daredevil decides to make his ride to school a little more fun. Drivers f...

Church Goers Are Drunk On God Play Video

Church Goers Are Drunk On God 70 months ago

Some Christians use Mark 16:17 to explain how they speak in tongues. Others...

Broken Wrist Fail Play Video

Broken Wrist Fail 70 months ago

Kid breaks his arm trying to run up milkcrates into a trampoline!!!

DDR Gamer Smashes PC Play Video

DDR Gamer Smashes PC 70 months ago

Why would you even play Dance Dance Revolution on your computer, let alone ...

Get Wet Remix Play Video

Get Wet Remix 70 months ago

A hilarious montage of splash pranks, flying tubes, pool slips, and more we...

Girl Slammed Into Bus Route Play Video

Girl Slammed Into Bus Route 70 months ago

Man, kids get high at the back of the bus in totally different ways than we...