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Cool Coats View Image

Cool Coats 4 months ago

No, seriously, I want one.

America! View Image

America! 4 months ago

F*ck yeah!

Tight View Image

Tight 4 months ago

Dear lord!

Feminist Fantasy View Image

Feminist Fantasy 4 months ago

Don't worry, feminists are known for their sense of humor, so they'll get a...

Do The Math View Image

Do The Math 4 months ago

Well played, virgins.

No Entry View Image

No Entry 4 months ago

She making a joke about butt sex, FYI.

Flamingo Fight View Image

Flamingo Fight 4 months ago

He's pulling your leg.

Not Impressed View Image

Not Impressed 4 months ago

Then again, cats are never impressed.

Cuddle Up View Image

Cuddle Up 4 months ago

I'll stick with dogs.

Accurate View Image

Accurate 4 months ago

This rings true... except for the cats.

Gah? View Image

Gah? 4 months ago

8 out of 10. Would.

Grandma's Party View Image

Grandma's Party 4 months ago

She's having the time of her life.

Screw Xbox One View Image

Screw Xbox One 4 months ago

Weird Al knows what's up.

Walkens Welcome View Image

Walkens Welcome 4 months ago

It's a play on words, you see?

A Valid Excuse View Image

A Valid Excuse 4 months ago

We all have our little "pick me ups."

Dripping...! Play Video

Dripping...! 4 months ago