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Audrey Face painting. Play Video

Audrey Face painting. 15 months ago

The sad transformation of an adorable face painting yields hilarious result...

Shocking Ice Fishing Video Play Video

Shocking Ice Fishing Video 15 months ago

A surprise catch during a recent ice fishing trip - a duck was caught, then...

Microwave Soap Experiment Play Video

Microwave Soap Experiment 15 months ago

The exciting reaction a bar of soap goes through when being placed in a mic...

Cops let this guy go! Play Video

Cops let this guy go! 15 months ago

A drunk gets away from the cops and has the most interesting conversation w...

Fun at party Play Video

Fun at party 15 months ago

A young man spends his friday night with a living room full of girls - and ...

barcode acid generator Play Video

barcode acid generator 15 months ago

Scan any barcode - and create beautiful music! A science project done right...