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Intro To Culinary Arts Play Video

Intro To Culinary Arts 45 months ago

There’s nothing you can’t accomplish with Culinary Arts and nothing you sho...

Break U Campus Tour Play Video

Break U Campus Tour 45 months ago

Welcome to Break U. Take a few moments with our dean, Jack Thompson, to get...

Cup Stacking Trick Play Video

Cup Stacking Trick 45 months ago

Alright, I can't figure out how the hell this guy pulls this off but it's a...

Hipster Office Play Video

Hipster Office 45 months ago

I suspect these guys don't really work in this office. They just showed up ...

Mascot Back Handspring Fail Play Video

Mascot Back Handspring Fail 45 months ago

The worst part about this fail is he can't even take off the head to get re...

BAIT CAR: Booty Stash Play Video

BAIT CAR: Booty Stash 45 months ago

Before a suspect is taken out of the car, he quickly makes a dash for his d...

VEGAS STRIP: Drunk Canucks Play Video

VEGAS STRIP: Drunk Canucks 45 months ago

Three drunk guys on vacation from Canada act dumb on the strip and when the...

VEGAS STRIP: Dino Dad Play Video

VEGAS STRIP: Dino Dad 45 months ago

Police respond to an emergency labor call, a man claims he will be giving b...