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Girl Sets Fire To Crotch Play Video

Girl Sets Fire To Crotch 44 months ago

OK, this has got to be the most embarrassing burning sensation in yo...

Old Man Beats Up Slot Machine Play Video

Old Man Beats Up Slot Machine 44 months ago

His first gamble was playing the slot machine, and the second one was that ...

Houseboat Slide Surf Fail Play Video

Houseboat Slide Surf Fail 44 months ago

The pessimist sees a guy falling on his butt on a slide. The optimist sees ...

Booty Call Play Video

Booty Call 44 months ago

Booty Call.

Construction Crew Drops Crane Play Video

Construction Crew Drops Crane 44 months ago

That's an elaborate way to get rid of a body, but as climate change robs us...

Stop Drop And Roll Fail Play Video

Stop Drop And Roll Fail 44 months ago

This guy's Stop Drop and Roll tutorial goes awry very quickly. Nothing good...

Punk Parkour Fail Play Video

Punk Parkour Fail 44 months ago

... And now his pelvis join punk and parkour as relics of the past on which...

Anna Faris Boobs Play Video

Anna Faris Boobs 44 months ago

In a recent interview with in Marie Claire about her upcoming movie “What’s...

Amanda Seyfried Kiss Play Video

Amanda Seyfried Kiss 44 months ago

In an interview with W Magazine, actress Amanda Seyfried came out with shoc...

Johnny Depp Play Video

Johnny Depp 44 months ago

Johnny Depp is in the UK filming a Vampire movie called “Dark Shadows” with...

Hotel Clerk With Crazy Eyes Play Video

Hotel Clerk With Crazy Eyes 44 months ago

"Do you have reservations?" "After seeing your eyes, yes!"

Maybe t...

Cliff Dive Becomes Belly Flop Play Video

Cliff Dive Becomes Belly Flop 44 months ago

Before anyone helps this kid out of the water, the EPA is going to need to ...

Tyler Perry Is Rich Play Video

Tyler Perry Is Rich 44 months ago

Before I get started, allow me to say: This is actually a true story!! Forb...

Bachmann Smacks Down Play Video

Bachmann Smacks Down 44 months ago

Tea anyone?? What a debate it was the other night between all the Tea Party...

Webcam Thug Fail Play Video

Webcam Thug Fail 44 months ago

Street cred application: Wife-beater T-shirt? Check. Chain? Check. Still li...

Minneapolis Flash Riot Play Video

Minneapolis Flash Riot 44 months ago

I think the people at the restaurants in downtown Minneapolis must not have...