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Every person is different. While most people may go with the flow and follow certain standards for living, others ignore these rules. These moments when people go against the flow become great Break People and Lifestyle videos. Whether its an insane bus patron or a police officer chasing down a criminal, these videos cover the entire spectrum of daily life. It's a daily life refined and edited down to the most exciting 30 seconds of the year.

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Girl Crashes Down Stairs Play Video

Girl Crashes Down Stairs 57 months ago

Oh, come on! The very first thing they teach you in Lame Web Video Show Pro...

Awesome Trick Bowling Shot Play Video

Awesome Trick Bowling Shot 57 months ago

If you ever find yourself in one of those bowling match/dance-off situation...

Worst Beatboxer Ever Play Video

Worst Beatboxer Ever 57 months ago

Eminem took white people in hip hop one step forward, and this guy ran them...

Break Gallery CCCLI View Gallery

Break Gallery CCCLI 57 months ago

Break Gallery 351! A legion of crabs prepare to invade, a kitty in a sleepe...

Creep Chase Part 2 Play Video

Creep Chase Part 2 57 months ago

Don’t drink and drive or you’ll end up like this guy!

Most Daring - Mano a Emu Play Video

Most Daring - Mano a Emu 57 months ago

From truTVs Most Daring - Wednesdays at 8pmA man wrestles a bird to the gro...

Russian Dad Ruins Fair Fight Play Video

Russian Dad Ruins Fair Fight 57 months ago

This father interrupts an otherwise fair fight between two scrubs with a we...

The ULTIMATE Lip Synch Fail Play Video

The ULTIMATE Lip Synch Fail 57 months ago

The first clue that he isn't really a singer? How about the fact that he do...

Tape Measurer Prank Play Video

Tape Measurer Prank 57 months ago

Such a simple prank I never thought of. And the perfect thing to surprise ...

Break Gallery CCCL View Gallery

Break Gallery CCCL 57 months ago

Break Gallery 350! A sweet dragon backpack, some guy bullfighting blindfold...

Taking Out The Trash Play Video

Taking Out The Trash 57 months ago

Taking out the trash can be a real chore living on the third floor but this...

Hot Girl Gets Iced Play Video

Hot Girl Gets Iced 57 months ago

At this point, I forget which one in this couple struck first. This war wi...