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Prom Photo Disaster Play Video

Prom Photo Disaster 39 months ago

All these kids wanted was a photo of them looking their best, standing on a...

May 14th, 2012 Picture Gallery View Gallery

May 14th, 2012 Picture Gallery 39 months ago

Picture Gallery: May 14th, 2012. Bagelheads, Star Wars Dogs, The Avengers,...

Something's Not Quite Right... View Gallery

Something's Not Quite Right... 39 months ago

We're looking at these, but something seems off. Or something seems wrong. ...

The Brain Freeze Challenge Play Video

The Brain Freeze Challenge 39 months ago

This dude will shatter any remaining hope you had for the next generation.

Our Favorite Funny Douches View Gallery

Our Favorite Funny Douches 39 months ago

Some people are douchey and not fun at all. However, these people are hilar...

Heavy Weapons Lego Style Play Video

Heavy Weapons Lego Style 39 months ago

This kid builds a working model of a Desert Eagle, AKS-74U, Jungle Carbine,...

Earth Is Amazing Play Video

Earth Is Amazing 39 months ago

If the Earth had a trailer to show other worlds what our planet was like, t...

11 Creative Homeless Signs View Gallery

11 Creative Homeless Signs 39 months ago

Rather than chasing you down the street for a hand out, many homeless peop...

10 Shady Lawyers View Gallery

10 Shady Lawyers 39 months ago

We're sure all of these folks are well trained and excellent at what they d...

Las Vegas Criminal Attorney Play Video

Las Vegas Criminal Attorney 39 months ago

Attorney Michael Pariente is an experienced criminal defense attorney in La...

12 Epic Photobombs View Gallery

12 Epic Photobombs 39 months ago

Ahh, the photobomb, it's a timeless art. Some are just an accidental walk ...

10 Badass Movie Babes View Gallery

10 Badass Movie Babes 39 months ago

Let's face it -- nothing beats a badass movie babe. And with Underworld: A...

Failed Knife Trick Play Video

Failed Knife Trick 39 months ago

This dude pulls off an incredible knife trick 3 out of 4 times. Unfortunat...

10 High Class Gut Tattoos View Gallery

10 High Class Gut Tattoos 39 months ago

Ahh, the gut tattoo, nature's most beautiful animal. Nothing is quite as e...