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Tony Danza Hates Local News Play Video

Tony Danza Hates Local News 73 months ago

Tony acts a little more bossy than usual when he thinks his mic isn't on, a...

Worst Boxer Ever Play Video

Worst Boxer Ever 73 months ago

This fighter develops a controversial new boxing technique where you call y...

Butt Brawl Play Video

Butt Brawl 73 months ago

Everyone tries to win the best buzz prize, which always ends in accidents.

Parachute Pitfalls Play Video

Parachute Pitfalls 73 months ago

Two base jumpers jump get tangled mid-air.

Thong Of The Universe Play Video

Thong Of The Universe 73 months ago

Miss Universe trips on the runway and exposes her universe.

Chick Belly Flops Off Bridge Play Video

Chick Belly Flops Off Bridge 73 months ago

This guy tells his girlfriend that he promises she will make it and technic...

TrailersMashup Play Video

TrailersMashup 73 months ago

TrailersMashup ... test

Amazing Classroom Prank Play Video

Amazing Classroom Prank 73 months ago

This would definitely wake up the student body from the painfully boring le...

Mentos And Diet Coke Prank Play Video

Mentos And Diet Coke Prank 73 months ago

Nothing like a little diet coke and mentos mixed upon opening the fridge.

First Long Jump Fail Play Video

First Long Jump Fail 73 months ago

This kid is attempting his first ever competitive long jump and lands face ...

Pig Gets Electrocuted Play Video

Pig Gets Electrocuted 73 months ago

A pig backs into an electric fence and quickly realizes that his girlfriend...

Kid Preacher Play Video

Kid Preacher 73 months ago

Weird...Just Weird

Top Gun Spoof Goes Bad Play Video

Top Gun Spoof Goes Bad 73 months ago

This kid attaches a camera to his RC plane to film a Top Gun spoof but he g...

Pube Beard Prank Play Video

Pube Beard Prank 73 months ago

Some dudes decide to shave their pubes and cover them all over their sleepi...

Just A Bit Inside Play Video

Just A Bit Inside 73 months ago

These guys play a game of baseball using a potato gun. The first pitch was...

Chick Has Mean Right Hook Play Video

Chick Has Mean Right Hook 73 months ago

This chick slaps her boyfriend on a city street and when he yells at her fo...