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Lunch Room Table Jump Fail Play Video

Lunch Room Table Jump Fail 42 months ago

Stanford just fell ten notches in the national college rankings just becaus...

Crazy Biker Failed Stunt Play Video

Crazy Biker Failed Stunt 42 months ago

A CCTV camera catches a biker pulling off a couple stunts in a parking lot,...

A Haboob Comes to a Wedding Play Video

A Haboob Comes to a Wedding 42 months ago

You can plan all you want, but you can never plan for Mother Nature as this...

The Human Slingshot Play Video

The Human Slingshot 42 months ago

These guys take a couple bungee cords, two large posts, and a four wheeler ...

Epic Trampoline Skills Play Video

Epic Trampoline Skills 42 months ago

As annoying as it is when people don't hold their camera sideways, this dud...

Halloween Light Show 2011 Play Video

Halloween Light Show 2011 42 months ago

You thought Christmas light shows were awesome. Check out this Halloween li...

Carpet Roll KO Play Video

Carpet Roll KO 42 months ago

... in which a warehouse employee gets laid out instead of the carpet.

Clown Mask Scare Play Video

Clown Mask Scare 42 months ago

Clown mask + jumping out = frightening.

Man Saves Calf in a Trench Play Video

Man Saves Calf in a Trench 42 months ago

When a calf gets stuck in a trench, one awesome guy stops riding his motorc...

The Axe Effect Play Video

The Axe Effect 42 months ago

Makes any babe drop undead.

Cheerleader Falls Into Pool Play Video

Cheerleader Falls Into Pool 42 months ago

During the Pan Am Games, cheerleader Mariana de Leon misjudges how much roo...

Amazing Trampoline Skills Play Video

Amazing Trampoline Skills 42 months ago

While most of us can maybe do a sweet front-flip on a regular trampoline, t...

People Are Awesome 2011 Play Video

People Are Awesome 2011 42 months ago

We post so many fails on Break but every once in awhile people prove they a...

Go Beyond The Cover Play Video

Go Beyond The Cover 42 months ago

Does this look like the face of someone who holds two Guinness Book World R...

Impressive Speed Painting Play Video

Impressive Speed Painting 42 months ago

The middle of this video kinda drags a bit but what this dude from Yangon, ...

Guy Scares His Girlfriend Play Video

Guy Scares His Girlfriend 42 months ago

This boyfriend decides to get in the doghouse for a while with this awesome...

Don't Kick the Boxing Machine Play Video

Don't Kick the Boxing Machine 42 months ago

Machines that are made for one purpose rarely work for a different one, as ...