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But How Do You Really Feel? Play Video

But How Do You Really Feel? 39 months ago

Not sure this one minute speech is going to score any points with Obama.

Dad Proves Son Wrong Play Video

Dad Proves Son Wrong 39 months ago

Pretty cool trick by Dad when his son tells him he is a loser.

Epic Street Performance Play Video

Epic Street Performance 39 months ago

This dude does a whole lot of things pretty good, but he does them all at o...

Offering Random People Drugs Play Video

Offering Random People Drugs 39 months ago

This is what happens when you walk around downtown Salt Lake City and offer...

The King Of The YoYo Play Video

The King Of The YoYo 39 months ago

Some of the most impressive YoYo skills you will see today.

QWOP 2013 Cosplay Play Video

QWOP 2013 Cosplay 39 months ago

The most accurate cosplay you may ever see.

Head Butt Nut Shot Play Video

Head Butt Nut Shot 39 months ago

Looks like the dude smacking his head was in worse shape afterward.

One Flexible Dude Play Video

One Flexible Dude 39 months ago

That's some serious flexibility right there.

Drunk Men Fight In Garage Play Video

Drunk Men Fight In Garage 39 months ago

On the plus side neither one of them could ever feel a single thing.