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Jon Huntsman Biography Play Video

Jon Huntsman Biography 63 months ago

Jon Huntsman is the latest guy to throw his hat into the Republican Preside...

Sean Bean Bar Fight Play Video

Sean Bean Bar Fight 63 months ago

Sean Bean, who starred in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and more currently ...

Watermelon Face Smash Play Video

Watermelon Face Smash 63 months ago

This kid fails at smashing a watermelon with his head on the first try but ...

Did You Hear A Click? Play Video

Did You Hear A Click? 63 months ago

They're having a difficult enough time figuring out the webcam. Just wait u...

Michelle Bachman Quotes Play Video

Michelle Bachman Quotes 63 months ago

Michelle Bachman Quotes on NewsFeed - Michelle Bachman is really giving Sar...

What is Flag Day? Play Video

What is Flag Day? 63 months ago

What is Flag Day on Newsfeed - June 14th is the 150th anniversary of Flag D...

Skateboarder Breaks Nose Play Video

Skateboarder Breaks Nose 63 months ago

Skateboarder comes down on the back of his board and sends it right at his ...

Ryan Sheckler Fund Raiser Play Video

Ryan Sheckler Fund Raiser 63 months ago

On June 10th, professional skateboarder Ryan Sheckler held an skateboarding...

Jennifer Love Hewitt Pics Play Video

Jennifer Love Hewitt Pics 63 months ago

Jennifer Love Hewitt Pics on Newsfeed -According to, actress Jenn...

AP Degree Play Video

AP Degree 63 months ago

It Wont Let You Down

Insanely Strong 70 Year Old Play Video

Insanely Strong 70 Year Old 63 months ago

This old man makes you realize that you probably aren't reaching your full ...

Jack White Divorced Play Video

Jack White Divorced 63 months ago

Jack White Divorced on Newsfeed - Jack White is quickly trying to match the...

This Day in History 6/10 Play Video

This Day in History 6/10 63 months ago

This Day in History 6/10 on Newsfeed -It is June 10th and you’re on the int...

Tracy Morgan Gay Comments Play Video

Tracy Morgan Gay Comments 63 months ago

Tracy Morgan Gay Comments on Newsfeed -Actor Tracy Morgan’s publicist apolo...

Fun Skydive Arena Performance Play Video

Fun Skydive Arena Performance 63 months ago

It's just four guys in an enclosed space, floating on air, dancing and havi...

The Battery Man Play Video

The Battery Man 63 months ago

As crazy as the story is about this guy, my favorite part is those loving w...

Andy Irons Memorial Play Video

Andy Irons Memorial 63 months ago

Andy Irons Memorial on Newsfeed - A report was released today stating that ...

Lucky Recovery On Base Jump Play Video

Lucky Recovery On Base Jump 63 months ago

The last thing you want to see flash before your eyes before you jump off t...

My Social Tattoo Play Video

My Social Tattoo 63 months ago

This chick decided to tattoo 152 of her closest friends onto the side of he...

Belmont Stakes Contenders Play Video

Belmont Stakes Contenders 63 months ago

The Belmont Stakes is being run this Saturday June 11th and is the 3rd leg ...

Michelle Bachman Campaign Play Video

Michelle Bachman Campaign 63 months ago

Michelle Bachman, the Republican Congresswoman from Minnesota is going afte...

Debit Card Fees Play Video

Debit Card Fees 63 months ago

The Senate was unable to stall a law that would cap on debit card swipe fee...