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Get Your GIFs On View Gallery

Get Your GIFs On 23 months ago

Bears and shrooms, awesome pranks, something really odd, and a few neat loo...

11 Awesomely Vandalized Signs View Gallery

11 Awesomely Vandalized Signs 23 months ago

Public signs and billboards are big and ugly but with a little creativity t...

When Morons Do Gymnastics Play Video

When Morons Do Gymnastics 23 months ago

At least you can see at the end he is still OK and still an idiot.

Extreme Hammocking Play Video

Extreme Hammocking 23 months ago

Because using a hammock like it was intended is overrated.

How NOT To Do Sit-Ups 101 Play Video

How NOT To Do Sit-Ups 101 23 months ago

Today's lesson will help you not look like a moron at the gym.