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10 Celebrities As Zombies View Gallery

10 Celebrities As Zombies 44 months ago

Zombie Bin Laden is pretty frightening. But, what if other famous people we...

Man Slams Through Glass Door Play Video

Man Slams Through Glass Door 44 months ago

This dude looks a little shaken but had he not made that final step forward...

A Really Bad Back Flip Play Video

A Really Bad Back Flip 44 months ago

This guy was probably thinking that back flips are easy to do. And when you...

Guy Swallows A Live Frog Play Video

Guy Swallows A Live Frog 44 months ago

What did you have for lunch? Well, this guy had a frog. And not a cooked fr...

Falling Madness Play Video

Falling Madness 44 months ago

Kid falls down in the store

Boom Headshot Play Video

Boom Headshot 44 months ago

kid gets smacked in the head by his brother.

Football Blooper Play Video

Football Blooper 44 months ago

two guys want the ball, but theyre real bad at it.

Only Las Vegas Play Video

Only Las Vegas 44 months ago

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas

Equity 30 Play Video

Equity 30 44 months ago

Equity 30

Equity 15 Play Video

Equity 15 44 months ago


Jamie Oliver Talks Dirty Play Video

Jamie Oliver Talks Dirty 44 months ago

This is a great mashup that dices and minces Jamie Oliver clips to make it ...

Russian Road Rage Play Video

Russian Road Rage 44 months ago

I love how the dude in the car gets all angry, tries to start a fight, then...