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Every person is different. While most people may go with the flow and follow certain standards for living, others ignore these rules. These moments when people go against the flow become great Break People and Lifestyle videos. Whether its an insane bus patron or a police officer chasing down a criminal, these videos cover the entire spectrum of daily life. It's a daily life refined and edited down to the most exciting 30 seconds of the year.

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Man Stuck in The 90's Prank! Play Video

Man Stuck in The 90's Prank! 12 months ago

"You can't touch this" radical, dope prank of a man stuck in the 90's. The ...

Policemen Public Dance Off! Play Video

Policemen Public Dance Off! 12 months ago

These are actually strippers or that's Kevin James filming another "awesome...

First 1620 On Rollerblades Play Video

First 1620 On Rollerblades 12 months ago

16-year-old Wake Schepman spins fast and lands just in time to complete thi...

Dangerous Streets Of Oakland Play Video

Dangerous Streets Of Oakland 12 months ago

How does that one kid calmly keep walking across the street with gunfire ju...

The End Of Democracy Play Video

The End Of Democracy 12 months ago

So if you're looking for something to depress you today here is your clip.

The Daily Wrap: August 27th Read Article

The Daily Wrap: August 27th 12 months ago

The rage of reality TV stars, bugs that won't have sex and some coffee to s...