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Here Kitty, Kitty... View Image

Here Kitty, Kitty... 1 month ago

...your ability to climb trees can't help you now!

When Kitty Woke Up... View Image

When Kitty Woke Up... 1 month ago

...she immediately regretted drinking that last cosmo.

Mr. Parker View Image

Mr. Parker 1 month ago

...There's a problem with your dog.

Brilliant View Image

Brilliant 1 month ago

This is a real game changer.

I Thought... View Image

I Thought... 1 month ago

...they didn't like flamers in Russia?

This Looks Cute... View Image

This Looks Cute... 1 month ago

...but he actually has a stomach tumor.

Toronto Problems View Image

Toronto Problems 1 month ago

Rob Ford is the best thing to come out of Canada since SCTV.

To Me... View Image

To Me... 1 month ago

...modern art is just a bunch of pretentious vomit.

Mike And Larry... View Image

Mike And Larry... 1 month ago

...we more than just twin brothers.

'Raping Our Children' View Image

'Raping Our Children' 1 month ago

Have anything a little lighter? Maybe some Robert Ludlum?