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Can't Touch This Zoey Dance Play Video

Can't Touch This Zoey Dance 28 days ago

A baby is in carrier in front of her dad. The dad moves her arms and legs a...

Baby Judo Play Video

Baby Judo 28 days ago

A toddler practices some judo flips with a teacher

Cat Fight Fail Play Video

Cat Fight Fail 28 days ago

Two cats go up to each other on a fence. At the very end; they attack each ...

"Smart" Pen Play Video

"Smart" Pen 28 days ago

A guy creates an electronically powered pen. A redditor tells him that he n...

Stay in Your Own Lane Play Video

Stay in Your Own Lane 28 days ago

Dash cam captures accident to the right of the car. A truck goes over a bum...

Pool Game Too Strong... Play Video

Pool Game Too Strong... 28 days ago

A girl poses by the pool table. She lifts up the cue stick and breaks the l...

Trailbike Fail Slo-Mo Play Video

Trailbike Fail Slo-Mo 28 days ago

Biker tries to land a stunt over a block of wood in the woods but doesn't q...

Burrito Cat Play Video

Burrito Cat 28 days ago

An adorable cat gets wrapped up in a towel and looks like a burrito

Video Games Inside an Igloo Play Video

Video Games Inside an Igloo 28 days ago

Father and son build an igloo in their backyard and somehow find a creative...

Violent Surf Crash Play Video

Violent Surf Crash 28 days ago

As one surfer gets balance on his board - another surfer violently comes cr...

Pimpin' In The Mazda Play Video

Pimpin' In The Mazda 28 days ago

A guy pulls up to a stop sign and rolls his passenger window down. A hooker...

Virtual Motocross...Kind Of Play Video

Virtual Motocross...Kind Of 28 days ago

Greatest dad ever carries his daughter on a mini bike with a helmet as a vi...

Mountain Biking Into A Cow Play Video

Mountain Biking Into A Cow 28 days ago

A guy riding through a field and graze a cows head. Later in the video; he ...

Monkey Attack Lol Play Video

Monkey Attack Lol 28 days ago

A guy goes up next to the window with a monkey sitting by it. The monkey ra...