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This Guy Deserves A Raise Play Video

This Guy Deserves A Raise 46 months ago

I don't know how much these guys make an hour but this dude definitely isn'...

How To Ice Fish In Russia Play Video

How To Ice Fish In Russia 46 months ago

This dude pulls a massive fish through a hole in the ice. Other things that...

Break Salutes Dads Play Video

Break Salutes Dads 46 months ago

Here's a playlist that says thanks to each and every dad the world has to o...

Kat Von D Wedding Play Video

Kat Von D Wedding 46 months ago

Kat Von D Wedding on Newsfeed -LA Ink reality TV Kat Von D and Jesse James ...

Nutshot On Log Beam Play Video

Nutshot On Log Beam 46 months ago

These guys were going to fight while balancing on top of a log beam but thi...

Harmonica Play Video

Harmonica 46 months ago

Max attempts to play the harmonica by yodeling

David Tyree on Gay Marriage Play Video

David Tyree on Gay Marriage 46 months ago

David Tyree on Gay Marriage on Newsfeed - Former New York Giant wide receiv...

B-Boy Santa Play Video

B-Boy Santa 46 months ago

Now that you know what Santa does the other 364 days of the year, you kind ...

Runaway Crane Play Video

Runaway Crane 46 months ago

I wonder if that crane made it all the way to the bottom of the hill before...

Natalie Portman’s Baby Son Play Video

Natalie Portman’s Baby Son 46 months ago

Natalie Portman’s Baby Son on Newsfeed - Oscar winner and my female crush, ...

Joss Stone Kidnapping Plot Play Video

Joss Stone Kidnapping Plot 46 months ago

Two men were arrested in England after being caught attempting to break int...

Hugh Hefner Dumped Play Video

Hugh Hefner Dumped 46 months ago

24 year old Crystal Harris has called off her engagement to Hugh Hefner, wh...

CN Tower Edgewalk Play Video

CN Tower Edgewalk 46 months ago

A group of executives take a walk around the edge of the CN Tower 1,168ft a...

Jon Huntsman Biography Play Video

Jon Huntsman Biography 46 months ago

Jon Huntsman is the latest guy to throw his hat into the Republican Preside...

Sean Bean Bar Fight Play Video

Sean Bean Bar Fight 46 months ago

Sean Bean, who starred in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and more currently ...

Watermelon Face Smash Play Video

Watermelon Face Smash 46 months ago

This kid fails at smashing a watermelon with his head on the first try but ...

Did You Hear A Click? Play Video

Did You Hear A Click? 46 months ago

They're having a difficult enough time figuring out the webcam. Just wait u...

Michelle Bachman Quotes Play Video

Michelle Bachman Quotes 46 months ago

Michelle Bachman Quotes on NewsFeed - Michelle Bachman is really giving Sar...

What is Flag Day? Play Video

What is Flag Day? 46 months ago

What is Flag Day on Newsfeed - June 14th is the 150th anniversary of Flag D...

Skateboarder Breaks Nose Play Video

Skateboarder Breaks Nose 46 months ago

Skateboarder comes down on the back of his board and sends it right at his ...