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Planking Is Stupid View Image

Planking Is Stupid 1 month ago

But at least this guy has some balls.

Mirror... View Image

Mirror... 1 month ago

...well that's weird.

Modern Weddings View Image

Modern Weddings 1 month ago

Don't fear death. Marriage is much worse.

Ice Spider View Image

Ice Spider 1 month ago


Now That's... View Image

Now That's... 1 month ago

...Friggen Cold.

Sit Like A Lady View Image

Sit Like A Lady 1 month ago

Or a tramp. Either is good.

Good Advice... View Image

Good Advice... 1 month ago

...but Facebook is OK.

Steampunk R2 View Image

Steampunk R2 1 month ago

This was not the droid I was looking for.

Motor Madness View Image

Motor Madness 1 month ago

You don't want to be around when that lands.

Bat Break View Image

Bat Break 1 month ago

It's gotta get hot in those tights.

Not A Dong View Image

Not A Dong 1 month ago

But for a minute, I was worried.

Creepy View Image

Creepy 1 month ago

Clearly, that cat ate child's soul.