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How To Take A Nutshot 101 Play Video

How To Take A Nutshot 101 45 months ago

The Horse, Break U's dean of nutshots, presents a how-to for novices intere...

Two Old Men, Worst Fight Ever Play Video

Two Old Men, Worst Fight Ever 45 months ago

You should see the woman they're fighting over. She's got wrinkles in all t...

Guitar Girl Shreds It Play Video

Guitar Girl Shreds It 45 months ago

A little girl schools a Venice street performer on guitar.

How to Be More Social Play Video

How to Be More Social 45 months ago

Vanea is back to teach you how to be more social. She gives helpful tips of...

Tree Jump Fail Play Video

Tree Jump Fail 45 months ago

Just as this kid is jumping from a 2nd story window onto a tree his buddy s...

Insane Tattoo Removal Play Video

Insane Tattoo Removal 45 months ago

Laser tattoo removal can be very expensive and requires multiple appointmen...

Russian Oceanarium Brawl Play Video

Russian Oceanarium Brawl 45 months ago

A spectator decides to take a swim with the dolphins and a bunch of Russian...

Advil Highlights Play Video

Advil Highlights 45 months ago

Check out these amazing highlights from mountain sports to hockey

100 Sake Bomb Dominoes Play Video

100 Sake Bomb Dominoes 45 months ago

One Hundred Sake Bombs lined up then dropped like Dominoes at a Sushi Bar i...

Epic Houseboat Jump Fail Play Video

Epic Houseboat Jump Fail 45 months ago

Cliff: Film this! Watch me be awesome! *camera turns on* fail.

Backyard Waterslide Fail Play Video

Backyard Waterslide Fail 45 months ago

Up until this guy overshot his landing this was by far the best backyard id...

Drunk Guy VS Porta Potties Play Video

Drunk Guy VS Porta Potties 45 months ago

This wasted dude can't seem to figure out how to get into the porta potty. ...

Handrail Snow Dive Attempt Play Video

Handrail Snow Dive Attempt 45 months ago

Amazingly, the guy who jumped felt no pain until he emerged from the snow a...

Music Theory Play Video

Music Theory 45 months ago

As a music major, your work will be judged on several key qualities: musica...

Athletics Department Play Video

Athletics Department 45 months ago

“But I’m an athlete! Is there a place for me at Break U?” Of course there i...