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People Vs Winter Play Video

People Vs Winter 14 months ago

If you've always hated winter, it’s cool; winter hates you, too.

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15 months ago

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15 months ago

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15 months ago

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15 months ago

Sandpede View Image

Sandpede 18 months ago

Are you ready?

Lightning: Spread Out View Image

Lightning: Spread Out 21 months ago

Yep. Nature will try as many times as it can to knock a tree down onto you...

Lightning: Storm Rise View Image

Lightning: Storm Rise 21 months ago

That's pretty for a Ragnarok kind of looking morning.

Lightning: Rainbow View Image

Lightning: Rainbow 21 months ago

This is nature messing with your head. Or an angry leprechaun.

Lightning: Lit Up View Image

Lightning: Lit Up 21 months ago

Those bright white spots in the sky? That was lightning hitting pelicans.

Lightning: On the Water View Image

Lightning: On the Water 21 months ago

This is why, if you take a fish to a rave, it will panic.

Lightning: Bridge View Image

Lightning: Bridge 21 months ago

And if you look just beyond the bridge you'll see chaos and despair.

Lightning: Tower View Image

Lightning: Tower 21 months ago

That's a big building right there. A big, electrified building.

Lightning: Legs View Image

Lightning: Legs 21 months ago

This is why people hated boating with Nikola Tesla.

10 Stunning Lightning Strikes View Gallery

10 Stunning Lightning Strikes 21 months ago

Make no mistake, as beautiful and relaxing as nature is, in a second it wil...

Baseball Sized Hail Storm Play Video

Baseball Sized Hail Storm 24 months ago

How many of you were hoping this punk got hit by one of the enormous pieces...