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If your idea of a mudslide and an earthquake is a frozen cocktail followed by vigorous dancing, then Break will rock your world. Break's natural disaster videos provide the best examples of nature's fury. Massive tornadoes, world record earthquakes, continental landslides, and monsoon rains make up but a few of these monumental moments of Mother Nature's bad side. From the vast deeps of the pacific to the wind swept plains of America these disasters have world wide reach. Affecting millions of people and causing billions in damage. Enjoy all the majesty of these disasters without putting life and limb on the line with these natural disasters.

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Tree Vs Cyclist Play Video

Tree Vs Cyclist 9 months ago

Sometimes you just can’t outrun a tree.

Car Gets Stuck In A Landslide Play Video

Car Gets Stuck In A Landslide 12 months ago

Landslide rules state it’s every man for himself, leave your friends and fa...

Mexican Volcano Erupts Play Video

Mexican Volcano Erupts 13 months ago

Huge Mexican volcano eruption hurls burning ash into the sky

Nature Hates Trees Play Video

Nature Hates Trees 21 months ago

This happened before the worst of Hurricane Sandy. Looks like the tree jus...

Hurricane Sandy In Pictures View Gallery

Hurricane Sandy In Pictures 21 months ago

The devastating hurricane hit land yesterday and caused massive flooding an...

Spreading Like Wildfire Play Video

Spreading Like Wildfire 35 months ago

This is a footage of the Texas Wildfire currently burning near the north ed...