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Honeybee Mating In Flight Play Video

Honeybee Mating In Flight 7 months ago

"The drone dies? during the mating ceremony." - Don't blame the female bee...

Girl Adopts A Pet Bee Play Video

Girl Adopts A Pet Bee 9 months ago

Girl legitimately rescues and raises a pet bee in her kitchen feeding it ho...

Man Vs Monster Spider Play Video

Man Vs Monster Spider 10 months ago

If a spider this size shows up in your bathroom just burn the place down.

Massive Wasp Nest Destroyed Play Video

Massive Wasp Nest Destroyed 10 months ago

Alright, we couldn't of cared less how this was destroyed until he said he ...

This Mite Hurt Play Video

This Mite Hurt 14 months ago

Don’t think about this too hard or it’ll depress the hell out of you.

Spider Orgy Play Video

Spider Orgy 17 months ago

These spiders were waiting in line for Black Friday deals when this jerk bu...

World's Largest Spider Play Video

World's Largest Spider 22 months ago

The Goliath Bird Eating spider is the largest and one of the most deadly sp...

Spider Killing Gone Bad Play Video

Spider Killing Gone Bad 24 months ago

These guys have 999 problems, but a big spider ain't one.