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Nature is more than walks in the park, scenic overviews, and trail mix. Real nature is the raw wrath of the great outdoors. Mother Nature can be a cruel temptress full of creepy insects, beautiful and dangerous landscapes, and weird weather that defy common sense. These surface blemishes on Mother Nature's face hide the deep disturbances below. When nature's true fury awakens natural disasters can reform the face of the earth. Break features the most insane earthquake, insect, monsoon, lightning, mudslide, tsunami and landscape videos.

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Car Gets Stuck In A Landslide Play Video

Car Gets Stuck In A Landslide 13 months ago

Landslide rules state it’s every man for himself, leave your friends and fa...

Walking On Quicksand Play Video

Walking On Quicksand 14 months ago

Looks like a lot of fun until the surface breaks and down you go.

Girl Adopts A Pet Bee Play Video

Girl Adopts A Pet Bee 14 months ago

Girl legitimately rescues and raises a pet bee in her kitchen feeding it ho...

Man Vs Monster Spider Play Video

Man Vs Monster Spider 15 months ago

If a spider this size shows up in your bathroom just burn the place down.

Massive Wasp Nest Destroyed Play Video

Massive Wasp Nest Destroyed 15 months ago

Alright, we couldn't of cared less how this was destroyed until he said he ...