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110mph Winds On Ski Lift Play Video

110mph Winds On Ski Lift 70 months ago

A bunch of skiers get hit with a 110mph micro burst wind while up on a ski ...

Flood Street Crossing Fail Play Video

Flood Street Crossing Fail 72 months ago

This video fails woman should know better than to cross the street without ...

Rock Slide Takes Out Highway Play Video

Rock Slide Takes Out Highway 75 months ago

These guys spend half a day removing a boulder from the highway and just as...

How Not to Start a Fire Play Video

How Not to Start a Fire 77 months ago

Gavin McInnes demonstrates the wrong way to start a fire. I hope that fores...

Disgusting Bug For Lunch Play Video

Disgusting Bug For Lunch 79 months ago

Really not to much to this clip until the guy decides to eat the second bug...

Huge Pothole Collapses Play Video

Huge Pothole Collapses 82 months ago

I have hit some pretty massive potholes before but nothing close to this on...

Snowmobiler Causes Avalanche Play Video

Snowmobiler Causes Avalanche 83 months ago

A snowmobiler races up a mountainside in Valemount this weekend and nearly ...

Man Vs Nature Play Video

Man Vs Nature 85 months ago

Huge waves are pounding a shoreline and this dude climbs up the side of a t...

Powerful Tornado Throws Cars Play Video

Powerful Tornado Throws Cars 88 months ago

A freak twister flies through an impound lot and starts picking up cars lik...

Tree Hits Kid in the Head Play Video

Tree Hits Kid in the Head 90 months ago

This should be required viewing for all amateur lumberjacks as an example o...

Ants Invade Home Scanner Play Video

Ants Invade Home Scanner 91 months ago

This guy's wife calls him at work and tells him she is having trouble with ...

Tree Nearly Crushes Car Play Video

Tree Nearly Crushes Car 91 months ago

A huge tree falls over during a bad storm and misses hitting a passing car ...