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Nature is more than walks in the park, scenic overviews, and trail mix. Real nature is the raw wrath of the great outdoors. Mother Nature can be a cruel temptress full of creepy insects, beautiful and dangerous landscapes, and weird weather that defy common sense. These surface blemishes on Mother Nature's face hide the deep disturbances below. When nature's true fury awakens natural disasters can reform the face of the earth. Break features the most insane earthquake, insect, monsoon, lightning, mudslide, tsunami and landscape videos.

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14 Awesome Cloud Formations 26 months ago

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World's Largest Spider 27 months ago

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Lawn Blister 27 months ago

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Baseball Sized Hail Storm 29 months ago

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Spider Killing Gone Bad 29 months ago

These guys have 999 problems, but a big spider ain't one.

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11 Monstrous Dust Storms 29 months ago

This is what happens every time someone lets Brendan Fraser make a movie.

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Icy Stairs 33 months ago

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