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Military Training

Military training is where it all comes together. As a cadet, you have plenty to learn: marching, shooting, how to tolerate army rations. With the help of a great drill instructor, a cadet will learn all of these things and more. Through movies like Private Benjamin and Full Metal Jacket, we know that the most important thing a soldier learns through military training is how to handle having insults hurled at them from old people in uniform.

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Surprise! Parachute Play Video

Surprise! Parachute 14 months ago

No one saw that coming, except for some people on the ground probably.

  Tanks For Slowing Down Play Video

Tanks For Slowing Down 17 months ago

The video stops early but it was followed by a trio of baby tanks.

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Tank Topples Toward Crowd 21 months ago

Looks like the war effort is going to take a lot more effort.

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How NOT To Use A Sledgehammer 22 months ago

Sledgehammers aren't hard to use. You swing them into stuff. That's about i...

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Painful Army Diving Fail 25 months ago

We're not sure what the context of this is, but it appears to be some sort ...

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Black Diamond Jet Team 28 months ago

As cool as it is to watch these guys from the ground, the POV footage of th...

Army Fire Truck Prank Play Video

Army Fire Truck Prank 30 months ago

They really should've waited until after the soap party to rinse him off.

Aye Sir Play Video

Aye Sir 31 months ago

I never could of made it through basic training. By the second 'Aye Sir' I...

Fighter Jet Fly-By Play Video

Fighter Jet Fly-By 31 months ago

This dude doesn't even flinch as an a Dassault/Dornier Alpha Jet blasts rig...

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Call of Doody 32 months ago

This week's 'Name This Video' winner is Christian Penaglia! The runner-up w...

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Alert Level Raised 34 months ago

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Pentagon Terrorist Scare 37 months ago

On June 17th, a suspicious man in a car outside the Pentagon was detained b...

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Navy Seal History 38 months ago

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Making Coffee In Afghanistan 39 months ago

A couple soldiers demonstrate how coffee gets made in Afghanistan. Now all ...

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Ejection Seat Testing 39 months ago

This train can get you from New York to LA in 45 minutes, but don't bring a...