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 Potassium Permanganate View Image

Potassium Permanganate 9 months ago

While this can be a handy item to have in your survival kit, it can also be...

Poncho Liner Blanket View Image

Poncho Liner Blanket 9 months ago

A water resistant poncho liner blanket is a must have for spending any amou...

 EpiPen View Image

EpiPen 9 months ago

Another good medical item to have in your bag. Used to relieve severe asthm...

LifeStraw Water Filter View Image

LifeStraw Water Filter 9 months ago

This filter allows you to suck water directly out of a stream or river and ...

Canned Food & Can Opener View Image

Canned Food & Can Opener 9 months ago

Bring some canned fruit and soup. While some cans today have those easy to ...

 Collapsible Bowl View Image

Collapsible Bowl 9 months ago

You are going to need to eat. So pack a bowl that doesn’t take up much spac...

Celox Blood Clotting Powder View Image

Celox Blood Clotting Powder 9 months ago

Along with antibiotics, and bandages another good medical item to have is b...

Antibiotics View Image

Antibiotics 9 months ago

Antibiotics in the apocalypse will help you last longer. So get your hands ...

Pocket Chainsaw View Image

Pocket Chainsaw 9 months ago

It would be too heavy to carry around an actual gas powered chainsaw in you...

Solar Charging Kit View Image

Solar Charging Kit 9 months ago

For around $80 you can purchase a potable solar charging kit that will use ...

SSG - Pakistan View Image

SSG - Pakistan 10 months ago

This Pakistani unit is considered one of the most elite in the world.

Spetsnaz - Russia View Image

Spetsnaz - Russia 10 months ago

Some of Russia's toughest special forces teams.

Sayeret Matkal - Israel View Image

Sayeret Matkal - Israel 10 months ago

They've been part of nearly all of Israel's major operations for nearly 50 ...

SAS - Britain View Image

SAS - Britain 10 months ago

Britian's Special Air Service has been kicking butt since 1941.

SAS - Australia View Image

SAS - Australia 10 months ago

G'day Mate - these guys are the toughest from down under.

SAF - Philippines View Image

SAF - Philippines 10 months ago

Special Action Force of the Philippine National Police.

NSG - India View Image

NSG - India 10 months ago

This is India's most elite Special Forces unit.