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The military excels in creating explosions. It creates small explosions for amusement and large explosions for persuasion. There are the explosions created on purpose to prove a point, and there are the accidental explosions everyone wants to forget about. Those are the hilarious explosions that soldiers show each other at the Army Christmas party. Watching most of these explosions, though, will tap into your most bloodthirsty thrill-seeking mode, so feel free to yell This Is Sparta! and Fire in the hole!

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UFO Attacks Taliban Base? Play Video

UFO Attacks Taliban Base? 6 months ago

Yeah, it's probably fake. But I'd like to think aliens would also hate the ...

Grenade Tossing Fail Play Video

Grenade Tossing Fail 18 months ago

Just because you are a girl doesn’t mean you have to throw like a girl.

War Gives You Thick Skin Play Video

War Gives You Thick Skin 24 months ago

We all want the same things. Just hard to get sometimes. Thanks to our fr...

Virginia Beach Jet Crash Play Video

Virginia Beach Jet Crash 32 months ago

Earlier today a Navy F/A-18D crashed into an apartment complex in Virginia ...

Firework Explosion Fail Play Video

Firework Explosion Fail 46 months ago

A firework in a small neighborhood explodes and streaks out toward every ho...

Stunning 500-LB IED Explosion Play Video

Stunning 500-LB IED Explosion 51 months ago

This is an astonishing explosion videotaped from a military caravan. Someon...

Sonic Boom Directly Overhead Play Video

Sonic Boom Directly Overhead 54 months ago

This guy captures an F14 breaking the sound barrier at the moment it flys o...

Endless Hey Guys Montage Play Video

Endless Hey Guys Montage 56 months ago

Have you ever noticed that many one-person web videos begin the same way? T...

Tank Rolls Over Car Bomb Play Video

Tank Rolls Over Car Bomb 66 months ago

This is probably the quickest way to diffuse a car bomb in Iraq.

Bus Destroyed By Missle Play Video

Bus Destroyed By Missle 67 months ago

A high FPS camera captures a short range missle being shot at a bus.

Break Gallery CCLXXIII View Gallery

Break Gallery CCLXXIII 69 months ago

Break Gallery 273 is packed with 40 pics that are comprised entirely of awe...