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2 months ago

Grenade Tossing Fail Play Video

Grenade Tossing Fail 11 months ago

Just because you are a girl doesn’t mean you have to throw like a girl.

War Gives You Thick Skin Play Video

War Gives You Thick Skin 16 months ago

We all want the same things. Just hard to get sometimes. Thanks to our fr...

Right Moment: Ejection Seat View Image

Right Moment: Ejection Seat 23 months ago

Meanwhile, the pilot in the front seat is freaking out over what to do.

Right Moment: Boom View Image

Right Moment: Boom 23 months ago

Reminds me of how it looks when we (fill in the blank).

Virginia Beach Jet Crash Play Video

Virginia Beach Jet Crash 24 months ago

Earlier today a Navy F/A-18D crashed into an apartment complex in Virginia ...

Military Videos Graphic Play Video

Military Videos Graphic 37 months ago

These military videos graphic nature is not for the faint of heart. Althou...

Firepower! Military! Play Video

Firepower! Military! 37 months ago

This military video features the most amazing artillery pieces in the armed...

Firework Explosion Fail Play Video

Firework Explosion Fail 38 months ago

A firework in a small neighborhood explodes and streaks out toward every ho...

Stunning 500-LB IED Explosion Play Video

Stunning 500-LB IED Explosion 43 months ago

This is an astonishing explosion videotaped from a military caravan. Someon...

Sonic Boom Directly Overhead Play Video

Sonic Boom Directly Overhead 46 months ago

This guy captures an F14 breaking the sound barrier at the moment it flys o...