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Humvee Explodes a Tank Play Video

Humvee Explodes a Tank 80 months ago

Our soldiers are bringing the ruckus from the comfort of their Humvees!

Failed Missile Launch Play Video

Failed Missile Launch 82 months ago

A couple soldiers practice firing a Javelin Anti-Armour Missile but shortly...

Tank Rolls Over Car Bomb Play Video

Tank Rolls Over Car Bomb 84 months ago

This is probably the quickest way to diffuse a car bomb in Iraq.

Bus Destroyed By Missle Play Video

Bus Destroyed By Missle 84 months ago

A high FPS camera captures a short range missle being shot at a bus.

B2 Stealth Bomber Crashes Play Video

B2 Stealth Bomber Crashes 96 months ago

Here's a good way to destroy $1.4 billion in a matter of seconds. This foot...

How Not To Throw a Flashbang Play Video

How Not To Throw a Flashbang 96 months ago

These Norwegian troops show us how not to deploy a room-clearing flashbang.

Tank Vs Volkswagen Play Video

Tank Vs Volkswagen 97 months ago

A bunch of soldiers find a Volkswagen that they believe has been abandoned ...

How To Win A Sniper Fight Play Video

How To Win A Sniper Fight 99 months ago

The US Military is attacked by insurgent and demonstrate the most effective...

Street Fight In Fallujah Play Video

Street Fight In Fallujah 100 months ago

This is raw footage of US led forces engaged in a massive fire fight in dow...

Iran Provoking US Navy Play Video

Iran Provoking US Navy 101 months ago

This is recently released footage from the US Navy of exactly what happened...

Military Facelift Play Video

Military Facelift 101 months ago

This fan creates winds in excess of 180mph and nearly pushes this guys face...