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Extreme Low Flyby Play Video

Extreme Low Flyby 74 months ago

Belgian Air Force on a training mission in Corsica 1992. Awesome 10foot hig...

tsunami relief Play Video

tsunami relief 74 months ago

uss benfold tsunami relief

Conflict in Chechnya Play Video

Conflict in Chechnya 74 months ago

conflict in the Muslim province of southern Russia.

Humvee Sinking Play Video

Humvee Sinking 74 months ago

While on a recon patrol we decided to try and cross what was originally a

The Pentagon's New Crusher Play Video

The Pentagon's New Crusher 74 months ago

This is an unmanned ATV being designed by the Pentagon's Defense Advanced R...

spy satellite blown up Play Video

spy satellite blown up 74 months ago

crazy footage of the satellite that was blown up last week

30mm Gatling Gun Test Play Video

30mm Gatling Gun Test 75 months ago

Gau 8 30mm gatling gun from an A10 on a test stand. 2.5 second burst sorry ...

Night time in Iraq Play Video

Night time in Iraq 75 months ago

This is really amazing -- from a helicopter 2.5 miles away at night. The gu...

U.S. Army Ambushes Insurgents Play Video

U.S. Army Ambushes Insurgents 75 months ago

Soldiers in two Blackhawk helicopters fly in quick and take out some insurg...

Breaching a door Play Video

Breaching a door 75 months ago

This is me putting a boot to a suspected al-Qaida sniper position, sorry th...

The P-51 Mustang Play Video

The P-51 Mustang 75 months ago

The Mustang was a long-range fighter that served with the Allied forces dur...