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Meanwhile, In Russia... View Gallery

Meanwhile, In Russia... 52 months ago

Russia's an amazing country with some amazing people and we've seen so many...

11 Awe-Inspiring Explosions View Gallery

11 Awe-Inspiring Explosions 53 months ago

When it comes to man versus nature rarely do both sides pull out all the st...

Soldiers Having Fun View Gallery

Soldiers Having Fun 53 months ago

Our soldiers have the hard and amazing task of protecting our country. It's...

Painful Army Diving Fail Play Video

Painful Army Diving Fail 53 months ago

We're not sure what the context of this is, but it appears to be some sort ...

14 Bizarre Gas Mask Pics View Gallery

14 Bizarre Gas Mask Pics 54 months ago

The gas mask was mankind's greatest invention for making people look terrif...

Virginia Beach Jet Crash Play Video

Virginia Beach Jet Crash 55 months ago

Earlier today a Navy F/A-18D crashed into an apartment complex in Virginia ...

A Photobomb Surprise Play Video

A Photobomb Surprise 55 months ago

This sailor was coming home for the first time 8 months but didn't tell his...

Operation Candy Strike Play Video

Operation Candy Strike 56 months ago

These awesome soldiers in the Middle East decide to do some humanitarian wo...

Black Diamond Jet Team Play Video

Black Diamond Jet Team 56 months ago

As cool as it is to watch these guys from the ground, the POV footage of th...

Army Fire Truck Prank Play Video

Army Fire Truck Prank 58 months ago

They really should've waited until after the soap party to rinse him off.

Are You With Me Now? Play Video

Are You With Me Now? 59 months ago

This is hilarious. Some dude pays to be flown around in an F1 fighter jet. ...