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The military probably does a lot of different things, many things that we know about and many more that we don't. The one thing that we know the military does and does well is blow things up with huge explosions. Supposedly, they do other things well. Marching, for example, is walking made more difficult by trying to sync up with a bunch of other soldiers. The military excels at that. And for that, military, we thank you. Your ability to march and blow things up is what keeps us safe.

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Failed Missile Launch 61 months ago

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Tank Rolls Over Car Bomb Play Video

Tank Rolls Over Car Bomb 63 months ago

This is probably the quickest way to diffuse a car bomb in Iraq.

Bus Destroyed By Missle Play Video

Bus Destroyed By Missle 63 months ago

A high FPS camera captures a short range missle being shot at a bus.

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B2 Stealth Bomber Crashes 75 months ago

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How Not To Throw a Flashbang 76 months ago

These Norwegian troops show us how not to deploy a room-clearing flashbang....

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Tank Vs Volkswagen 76 months ago

A bunch of soldiers find a Volkswagen that they believe has been abandoned ...

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How To Win A Sniper Fight 79 months ago

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Street Fight In Fallujah 80 months ago

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