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The military probably does a lot of different things, many things that we know about and many more that we don't. The one thing that we know the military does and does well is blow things up with huge explosions. Supposedly, they do other things well. Marching, for example, is walking made more difficult by trying to sync up with a bunch of other soldiers. The military excels at that. And for that, military, we thank you. Your ability to march and blow things up is what keeps us safe.

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Sonic Boom Directly Overhead Play Video

Sonic Boom Directly Overhead 52 months ago

This guy captures an F14 breaking the sound barrier at the moment it flys o...

Endless Hey Guys Montage Play Video

Endless Hey Guys Montage 53 months ago

Have you ever noticed that many one-person web videos begin the same way? T...

Korean Soldier Failed Kick Play Video

Korean Soldier Failed Kick 57 months ago

This dude squares up to his kick for nearly a minute then completely misses...

Chinese Rocket Fly-by Play Video

Chinese Rocket Fly-by 58 months ago

A Chinese made rocket is launched within just a few miles of this commercia...

Home-Made Belt-Fed Shotgun Play Video

Home-Made Belt-Fed Shotgun 58 months ago

This shotgun should be on every redneck's Christmas list this year.


Roadside Bomb In Iraq Play Video

Roadside Bomb In Iraq 60 months ago

Wow, that's going to keep traffic tied up for a while.

Humvee Explodes a Tank Play Video

Humvee Explodes a Tank 60 months ago

Our soldiers are bringing the ruckus from the comfort of their Humvees!

Failed Missile Launch Play Video

Failed Missile Launch 62 months ago

A couple soldiers practice firing a Javelin Anti-Armour Missile but shortly...

Tank Rolls Over Car Bomb Play Video

Tank Rolls Over Car Bomb 64 months ago

This is probably the quickest way to diffuse a car bomb in Iraq.

Bus Destroyed By Missle Play Video

Bus Destroyed By Missle 64 months ago

A high FPS camera captures a short range missle being shot at a bus.

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Break Gallery CCLXXIII 67 months ago

Break Gallery 273 is packed with 40 pics that are comprised entirely of awe...