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Colonel Jack L. Treadwell View Image

Colonel Jack L. Treadwell 2 months ago

He earned the Medal of Honor, Distinguished Service Cross, the Silver Star,...

Colonel George E. Day View Image

Colonel George E. Day 2 months ago

He fought in WWII, Korea and Vietnam, and is the only person awarded both t...

Colonel Francis S. Gabreski View Image

Colonel Francis S. Gabreski 2 months ago

"Gabby" was an ace in both WWII and Korea, credited with destroying 34 1/2 ...

Colonel David H. Hackworth View Image

Colonel David H. Hackworth 2 months ago

"Hack" was decorated in both the Korean and Vietnam Wars. And is credited w...

Colonel David C Schilling View Image

Colonel David C Schilling 2 months ago

This WW2 hero flew 132 combat missions and is the namesake of Schilling Air...

SSG - Pakistan View Image

SSG - Pakistan 2 months ago

This Pakistani unit is considered one of the most elite in the world.

Spetsnaz - Russia View Image

Spetsnaz - Russia 2 months ago

Some of Russia's toughest special forces teams.

Sayeret Matkal - Israel View Image

Sayeret Matkal - Israel 2 months ago

They've been part of nearly all of Israel's major operations for nearly 50 ...

SAS - Britain View Image

SAS - Britain 2 months ago

Britian's Special Air Service has been kicking butt since 1941.

SAS - Australia View Image

SAS - Australia 2 months ago

G'day Mate - these guys are the toughest from down under.

SAF - Philippines View Image

SAF - Philippines 2 months ago

Special Action Force of the Philippine National Police.

NSG - India View Image

NSG - India 2 months ago

This is India's most elite Special Forces unit.

Navy Seals - USA View Image

Navy Seals - USA 2 months ago

The United States Navy's Sea, Air and Land Teams are better known as SEALs,...

JTF2 - Canada View Image

JTF2 - Canada 2 months ago

Tougher than any ordinary hockey goons, these folk are the elite special op...

Green Berets - USA View Image

Green Berets - USA 2 months ago

Also known as The United States Army Special Forces, they are known for the...

GIS - Italy View Image

GIS - Italy 2 months ago

Part of the Italian military police, they focus on counter-terrorism.

GIGN - France View Image

GIGN - France 2 months ago

This unit of the French National Gendarmerie is known as that country's tou...

Fast Marines - USA View Image

Fast Marines - USA 2 months ago

This Marine Corps Security Force Regiment is an acronym for Fleet Antiterro...

Eko Cobra - Austria View Image

Eko Cobra - Austria 2 months ago

This is Austria's main counter-terrorism outfit.

Delta Force - USA View Image

Delta Force - USA 2 months ago

This Army unit is known worldwide for high-level hostage rescue and fightin...

Alpha Group - Russia View Image

Alpha Group - Russia 2 months ago

This branch of the Russian Federal Security Service is focussed on fighting...