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Recession proof hair pt. 2 Play Video

Recession proof hair pt. 2 59 months ago

Kanubia Spring curl 14 inches 1b Materials used: bonding glue, dream deluxe...

Three Beautiful Quicksorts Play Video

Three Beautiful Quicksorts 59 months ago

Google Tech Talks August 9, 2007 ABSTRACT This talk describes three of the ...

Christmas Haul Part 2 Play Video

Christmas Haul Part 2 59 months ago

This is my 3RD time uploading this!!! ARGGGGGGGG!! Part 1 is here: www.yout...

The Ultimate Fan Sign Play Video

The Ultimate Fan Sign 59 months ago

If you are a sports fan, then you must have the item, a portable Flashing L...

How to heal: Kael Play Video

How to heal: Kael 59 months ago

Finally!! The KT kill movie. Due to the amount of phases and things to know...

My 1st Tutorial!!! Play Video

My 1st Tutorial!!! 59 months ago

As inspired by all of my amazing makeup gurus of youtube land like Michelle...