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A person's home is their kingdom. From the front gates to the back door this land is sacred to the people who live in it. Break's house and garden videos show the best and most bizarre improvements, gardening, and modifications to people's castles. From homemade moats to hidden garages these videos will make sure you never even look back at hgtv. Because when it comes to extreme home and garden Break is the only name in the game.

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The Scarecrow Play Video

The Scarecrow 10 months ago

Watch The Scarecrow, the companion film for Chipotle's new app-based game.

upholstery repair Play Video

upholstery repair 11 months ago

upholstery repair,, St. Louis Leather R...

Long Island Landscapers Play Video

Long Island Landscapers 12 months ago

The sad truth is this sounded better than half the reality TV out there.

Insanely Cool Backyard Pool Play Video

Insanely Cool Backyard Pool 13 months ago

An engineering firm creates a backyard pool that rises above the water when...

The World's Greatest Chair Play Video

The World's Greatest Chair 17 months ago

If there has ever been a time to say 'Shut up and take my money!' this is t...

The Ultimate Ice Cube Maker Play Video

The Ultimate Ice Cube Maker 17 months ago

How this guy is resisting shooting other people with his hose is astounding...

Shut Up and Take My Money View Gallery

Shut Up and Take My Money 24 months ago

Some products don't just need to be owned. They demand it.

Things We All Want To Have View Gallery

Things We All Want To Have 24 months ago

There are things we all want or desire. Some are reasonable or absurd. Some...

10 Lawn Mowers of Tomorrow View Gallery

10 Lawn Mowers of Tomorrow 26 months ago

Mowing your lawn is chump work, but it needs to be done let your property t...