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In this modern world, simple sexuality rules and norms are constantly changing, as are the most accepted and usefully sexual practices and procedures between heterosexual and homosexual couples. Break captures the changing trends in sexuality in its sexuality videos to help you have the best understanding of sex available on the internet (we actually do not guarantee this). From new products to the most insane positions and literature, these clips will keep you prepared. It's the best studying that you can hope for nowadays.

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I Won A Math Debate Play Video

I Won A Math Debate 66 months ago

Do you think this guy's favorite Little Rascal is Alfalfa or is it Spanky?

Crazy Bachelor Party Stripper Play Video

Crazy Bachelor Party Stripper 80 months ago

I thought this video was hilarious. Its a bunch of guys at a bachelor part...

The Kissing Train Play Video

The Kissing Train 83 months ago

Maybe its the holidays or maybe its just me but New York sure seems a hell ...

The Great Banana Challenge Play Video

The Great Banana Challenge 85 months ago

A bunch of neighbors get together for a party and after a few drinks the gi...

Kamsutra! Play Video

Kamsutra! 87 months ago

TEST - The good people over at FHM have been kind enough to approach the an...

Accident Video Play Video

Accident Video 94 months ago

This guy gets nailed in the bedroom, and not the good kind.

Caught Jerkin It To Anime Play Video

Caught Jerkin It To Anime 100 months ago

We've all seen videos of people busting in on their friends jerkin it. This...

Roommate's Secret Revealed Play Video

Roommate's Secret Revealed 104 months ago

On the surface this seems like a typical roommate caught jerking off video....

Lego Man's Secret Sex Tape Play Video

Lego Man's Secret Sex Tape 106 months ago

Lego Man releases a sex tape. First Pam and Tommy, then Paris Hilton now Le...